White Smile Milano offers the only ‘at home’ teeth whitening programme that can simultaneously guarantee:

  • Permanently white teeth
  • Healthy gums
  • Personalised comfort
  • Reduced risk of sensitivity

By following White Smile Milano’s signature program step by step, it is possible to achieve a brilliant and long-lasting smile!

White Smile Milano offers the only ‘at home’ teeth whitening programme that can simultaneously guarantee:

  • Permanently white teeth
  • Healthy gums
  • Personalised comfort
  • Reduced risk of sensitivity

By following White Smile Milano’s signature program step by step, it is possible to achieve a brilliant and long-lasting smile!

Discover White Smile Milano's signature teeth whitening program:

Thanks to White Smile Milano’s home teeth whitening program, your smile will be white, clean and healthy. Our professional treatments maximise the effectiveness of the whitening process every step of the way.


White Smile Milano has designed the first and only teeth whitening program that lasts a lifetime.


How does it work? Get your desired smile in these three steps:

  1. Delivery of the teeth whitening kit
    Two transparent trays are made based on the exact impression of your teeth so that the whitening treatment is uniform. The trays are very thin, soft, and transparent;
  1. Using the kit: how it works
    Simply insert the peroxide-based whitening gel into the trays; this operation is very easy to perform with the convenient syringes provided with the kit. The gel comes with the optimal concentrations and is completely tasteless;
  1. Application of the trays: how and for how long?
    The trays should be applied at night or during the day, and can be used during any type of activity: this is why it is called an ‘at home’ procedure. Since the trays are practically invisible, they are very discreet and suitable for daily use.

The home whitening treatment lasts 12 to 16 days. During that time period, the gel application time varies from 2-3 hours in the first few days, gradually increasing to about 6 hours per day. Masks should be worn once a day for the prescribed time. Application times are individualised and therefore based on the specific person’s situation. At the end of the treatment, if there is room to further improve the whiteness of your smile, the treatment can be extended as early as the day after the established end; which is not possible with traditional LED whitening.

N.B. We use the word ‘program’ because the whitening treatment trays remain with the patient, who can reuse them every 4 to 6 months–for a couple of applications–after the periodic professional cleaning visit, in order to maintain the smile’s maximum brightness over time, regardless of eating, drinking and smoking habits.

Teeth whitening

Professional color detection with LED flash and polarising filter

Teeth whitening: before and after

The teeth whitening technique that White Smile Milano offers is gradual. The exact colour of the teeth is detected, both before and after whitening, to monitor improvements. In fact, photographs are taken with a special LED flash with a polarising filter that is applied on the camera lens to eliminate light effects, shadows and reflections that could distort the true colour of the teeth.

Thanks to this type of filter and the comparison of tooth colour with a reference colour scale (Vita Pan Classic), we can exactly detect:

  • the actual color of the teeth before the whitening treatment
  • the whiteness that can truly be reached (varies from person to person)
  • the whiteness of the teeth after the whitening program (one month after the end of the treatment)

At the end of the treatment, we show photographic evidence of the initial tooth colour and compare it with the photo taken at the end of the treatment so that you can better appreciate the work done by White Smile Milano!

Sensitivity and teeth whitening: everything you need to know

The risk of experiencing sensitivity after teeth whitening, even if minimised, exists.

This is the reason why sensitivity may be experienced: the tooth, having just been cleaned of contaminants, is dehydrated and therefore more sensitive to thermal stimuli. Common whitening sessions with laser or LED involve the application of a very aggressive gel (300% more concentrated than the one used by White Smile Milano) as the procedure is completed in the clinic in a short amount of time. This technique tends to dehydrated the teeth very quickly and the gums, if not well protected, get burnt.
With the ‘at home’ whitening treatment, on the other hand, the gums are not at risk and sensitivity is reduced to a minimum; should it occur, the discomfort is mild and temporary and passes within a maximum of 24 hours. If you happen to feel discomfort, let us know and we will provide an even less concentrated gel, so that you can comfortably continue your treatment.

Sensitivity and teeth whitening: all the important facts

Teeth whitening ‘at home’ makes it possible to achieve the desired result gradually. The gel used has a low concentration of peroxide (16%, 10% for those who already have sensitive teeth and exposed collars) and doesn’t stress teeth and gums. Unlike the more common or low-cost whitening treatments it avoids or reduces these problems:

  • Strong sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Tooth nerve shock
  • Gum burn
  • Risk of not achieving the desired whiteness after the first treatment

Health should always be a priority, which is why White Smile Milano offers what it considers to be the only teeth whitening programme that is safe and effective at the same time.

Why did White Smile Milano choose a progressive whitening system?  

There is no such thing as a permanent whitening treatment, so White Smile Milano has designed a programme that can guarantee long-lasting whitening that can be repeated over time. In fact, once the ‘at home’ whitening treatment has been completed, the transparent trays remain with the patient. If after 6 months you want to revive the whiteness of your teeth, all you have to do is buy the whitening gel refill and wear the trays again.


Don't say goodbye to tea and coffee: enjoy the pleasures of life and revive the brightness of your smile every six months by reusing your customised trays after each professional cleaning session.

What is included in the White Smile Milano teeth whitening programme?

The White Smile Milan teeth whitening programme also includes regular tooth cleaning sessions to remove tartar. The whitening treatment is only effective on clean and healthy teeth.
The programme lasts over time: at each cleaning visit the colour of the teeth will also be measured. This way way we can keep our promise of a permanent white smile!

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