The White Smile Milan dental clinic has implemented a digital check-in procedure with the aim of:

  1. minimising paper consumption
  2. reducing waiting time
  3. streamlining acceptance, discharge and payment times

Once the appointment has been booked with the secretary’s office, the patient will be asked to confirm the appointment remotely, via smartphone, PC or tablet.

You will only need to:

  1. sign the treatment plan and any other documentation (via guided electronic signature)
  2. proceed with the payment for the booked treatment (via agreed method)

Once the smart check-in is completed, the appointment will be considered confirmed.

digital signature of documents


fast acceptance time

reduction of paper consumption

The patient may change or cancel the appointment free of charge at any time up to 48 working hours before the scheduled start time of the appointment.

For more information, please see the “Booking and Cancellation Conditions” at the following link: Click here

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    This outpatient clinic applies all current Covid-19 preventive measures