Dr. Giulia Palandrani

“I believe strongly in the value of the relationship that is established between doctor and patient. Clear communication and mutual trust, along with appropriate skills, are the basis for the success of any dental treatment.”

Dr. Giulia Palandrani graduated with honors and honorable mention in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and specialized in Oral Surgery from the University of Milan.
She has been part of the medical team of the implant prosthetics department at Santi Paolo e Carlo Hospital for years, completing complex rehabilitations on both implants and natural teeth through the use of the latest materials and increasingly advanced techniques.
Her training in prosthodontics and oral rehabilitation has led her to authorship of scientific articles in national and international journals; she is also dedicated to research and firmly believes in the importance of continuing education, which is fundamental in medicine. She is a member of numerous scientific societies including the AIOP, ITI and IAO and an author of articles on the Dentistry33 online platform.
Keeping the health and satisfaction of her patients at the center of her treatments, Dr. Palandrani likes to discuss ideas and notions with them to arrive at a shared choice together.