Dr. Andrea Maragno

“I firmly believe that taking care of the aesthetics of one’s smile can increase self-esteem and improve the confidence we convey to others. How do I know that I have achieved the promised result! I just look at the patient’s first reaction when they pick up the mirror to see their new smile.”

Dr. Andrea Maragno graduated with honors in Dentistry and Prosthodontics from the University of Milan. During his studies, he carried out research activities. His two-year clinical internship allowed him to know and learn the latest techniques from numerous professionals in the field and put them into practice, under their direct supervision, on patients at the Dental Clinic of the Policlinico di Milano.
After graduating, he started a successful one-man business in the province of Lodi seeing more than 700 patients in three years.
Since then, he has always believed that a modern dental practice should have professionals of different specializations in it in order to offer personalized and high-level treatment paths: for this reason, he created White Smile Milano, which in a few years has become a center of reference and excellence for cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry.
Dr. Maragno specializes in managing patients who want to enhance their smile without losing its naturalness and uniqueness.