Caterina Maragno

“White Smile Milano was born from the passion and expertise of Dr. Maragno, who is an important reference point for me, as well as a brother. Together we have shaped a reality that is always on the cutting edge in order to offer the best dental care to patients.”

In 2013, when White Smile Milano was still in an embryonic stage, Caterina decided to complete her last work experience abroad and return to Italy, alongside her brother, Dr. Maragno. In 2014, the business then started from scratch, in a small practice in Milan. Dentist Andrea and chairside assistant Caterina found themselves in an adventure where sibling complicity won the hearts and smiles of patients.
Caterina embarked on this path of growth with great passion, sacrifice and sense of responsibility, and day after day she gained experience in the field of management and managerial aspects until she became administrator of the company White Smile Srl.